Thursday, August 5, 2010

my first blog

Decide on a title for my blog...check!

Decide on a design for my blog...check!!

Now here is the tough one...publish the first post for my blog!!!

When I first started writing this post I thought to myself, "Do I even have anything to write about???"...but then I had a realization...I have too much stuff I want to write about and share!!!

So right now I am in total birthday mode!!! I have an 11th month old son named Julian who is getting ready to celebrate his first birthday on September 2nd. His party is the following Sunday. And this is where my new obbsession begins... When I first started planning my ideas were a New York Yankees theme, ballpark food, and about 35 guests. I started my planning by purchasing Yankees plates and cups online for 35 guests...well I have since visited the site 2 other times to place orders for my growing guest list. Then it happened...I looked at the party pictures from
craftyworkinmommy twins first birthday party!!! I was officially inspired!!! This is when I decided Julian's party needed to be great! Let the planning begin!!!



  1. It is only appropriate that I be your first follower and your first comment! So excited for you! I am here to help however you need it. If you need extra hands that day just let me know. Thanks for posting a link to my blog. When you emailed me asking how to do it I didn't know it was for my blog, lol!! You will soon be addicted like me, oh wait, I think you all ready are!

  2. Can't wait to hear what's next! :)