Monday, November 1, 2010

i finally got to use the fall printables!!!

Ever since I saw these fall printables on Crafty Workin Mommy I just had to find a use for them!!! Well my opportunity came last week when my sons school was having a fall harvest party. They made the perfect cookie bag tag!!! Thanks Terri!


julian's 1st birthday...two months ago...

Well I'm almost embarrassed to be posting Julian's 1st birthday party pictures...being as the party was 2 months ago!!! My only real excuse is...he's 1 and walking!!! Enough said.

The party was a great success thanks to all the help from friends and family. We couldn't have had a better day...75 and sunny! However, had it not been so sunny I might have gotten better pictures...or if I knew another setting on my camera besides EASY.

By far my favorite part was the dessert table...this was truly my pride and joy. Thank you to Terri's Treasures for the amazing baseball cake balls, cake ball pops, and the cupcake toppers!!! They were definitely a hit! At one point I caught one of my little cousins sneaking out of the house with 4 tucked down at his side...apparently the chocolate were his favorite! Also, thank you to Dandy Delights for the Yankees shortbread cookies. They looked and tasted great! While both the lemon and chocolate were oh so yummy...I found myself hiding a couple lemon ones for later!

All in all, a great day and great memories for a long time to come! My only question...what to do next year...hmmm...